2 Months Later After being in the Apartment

It really has been nearly 3 months since moving into my apartment. I wanted to write this after 1 month, but for the most part it is really the same and has gotten better after I cleaned out the excess amount of stuff. But to compare it to all of the years after moving back from college it is truly my best times being in Houston.

While at home…

When I moved back home in the summer of 2005 I immediate resorted to my old ways when I was a younger. I didn’t want to go out if I had a choice, always wanted to play video games and sleep all day, felt it was a need to tell my parents where I was going out, basically doing teenager stuff. I told myself that I didn’t want to pay for rent from a place that I have grown up all my life and that it wouldn’t change the outlook of the city as a growning adult who was going to work and paying bills.


My parents also had their ideas of what my life should be like, especially my mother. As time got closer to moving out she wanted myself and brother to move into one of the rent houses next to the house and kept on disagreeing to the thought of moving into an apartment. My dad didn’t really care he actually stated that you have to be in a place that you feel happy to live and if not than your life will be shitty also. And besides it is time to do your own thing when you are 26 years old, so to speak to make something of yourself. My parents also became annoying with my dad watching television the same time that I do, I can hear what he was watching with him being downstairs and me being upstairs and with an open balcony the only thing separating us. The worst of it was when we will be watching the exact same thing and there would be a time lapse of 3-5 seconds, I already knew what was going to happen on my tv because of him with his. My mom always wanted to know what was going on in my life and felt a need to let me know that I am suppose to take my career and life in general seriously. And that the way my life was going it didn’t look promising and blah blah blah.

The Apt.

This place is about 12 minutes away from my parents place and as time has gone by I usually visit my parents once a week to catch up and to do laundry. The apartment con that I have is that it is right by the freeway so I hear every road noise, however, after awhile you simply get used to it. The apartment is 1000 sq-ft, 3 bedrooms (really 2 with a study), decent kitchen and nice size living area, and a great pool side view on the second floor when it is night time. The apartment is still bare with nothing on the wall at all, but that will change as time goes.

I can do all that I want in my apt. I can get some cardio done with either the bike trail that is behind my apartment or just ride it stationary, getting workouts done in the 3rd room is quick and leisurely, I can read a book at the apartment or go somewhere that is close by. After a long day at work it is so refreshing to come home to a place that brings a smile to my face. It is also refreshing to make the food I want to eat with only the minimum things needed. Life is good and I can’t believe it took me so long to make the jump.

Houston doesn’t feel like Houston…

I feel now that I can really do whatever I want, when I want and so on. My apartment is in a very good location which is literally 15-20 mins from anywhere. I can visit my girlfriend with no time to spare, visit friends with no worries, and can host a gathering at my place.

I do advice for people who are at home who have a choice or simply want to to move out of the parents house. Yes you do pay some money to live at a place, yes you don’t have the comfort of your parents, and yes it can mess up your love life, but you are free. You feel that you are really on your own, feel that you have to do something to make money just in case you quit or got fired from your job. The only person you can depend on is yourself and part of it makes life worth living. I didn’t know that I was going to get that from the whole moving out experience, but that is what that is happened and I know that I will find out more about this experience of living on my own.

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