A Blog Post Full of Nothing

I go through these spells at times. I think they are okay. It is hard to write a topic worth something every single day of the month. I also go through this when I’m journalling everyday. The shit is hard. I used to get down on myself and wondered if this was normal. I thought that I should write whenever I felt inspired, but I knew that I just had to keep at it.

So far this month I have gotten very little done for my goals. I have written everyday in this blog. That part is actually easy. However, redesigning my website, writing a couple entries in my novel and getting some clients is what is lacking. It is okay. I will just have to use my time better and to do more with my days with it. Part of me getting plenty of things done is doing them when I’m writing very early in the morning. The time is quiet, no one else is awake and it is the time that I’m the most productive. I think it is also because I have time to think to myself. But whatever the reason, I am productive and love the feeling that I’ve gotten the important things done already and anything else that is accomplish is just butter.

Once a routine is set and develop anything can get done (blah, blah, blah, blah). I am on top of the world when that happens. But with this month of only getting the blogging part done, I have realized that the simple aspect of doing just one thing and sticking is helping me to get back to my roots of completing one thing at a time. To focus on one project is actually allowing me to get more done. Multi-tasking only tricks the mind and the person doing them to make them think they are getting plenty done, but it is just bullshit. I have to remember to remind myself and just focus on that one thing. I’m doing that now with a couple of task and know that I will be in a better place.

Some things works when we are younger and others don’t. But later in life we realize that we operate better one that very thing that we didn’t feel possible to work for us. That is why we have to continue to try things out.

I don’t know what else to say right now. I feel that once I figure out what I’m going to do for the day I will feel better. I will see what it is that is important and that I want to do. I know some of it will consist of watching some football. Some of it doing a photo shoot. Some just spending time with my fiance. And whatever else that happens.

I would normally have ended the post a couple of paragraphs ago, but I’m going to just continue to write. Sometimes things happen or reveal themselves as I write more than I want to.

Life is life. Everyone feels differently because of it. People feel a certain way about working and all. But what about the in between time? What about that time you have a couple of minutes or even an hour or two to just be by yourself? How is that time spent? Do you in fact spend it not doing anything? Sometimes when I want some time to myself I go to my restroom. We have 4 restrooms at our house and I have one that is considered mine. Most of the time whatever I have to do takes seconds. But I like to just sit there and do what comes naturally. Sometimes it is just to think and ponder what my day has been or to bitch and complain in my head about what happened at work. And even to read a book that is interesting. Sometimes I listen to a podcast and even get some writing done. I just love the time that I get to spend by myself.

Sure somebody may think that’s ridiculous but I don’t care. I know everyone does a form of what I just mentioned because we humans think and do things alike. Some more than others, but we do the same shit (I guess pun intended). Whatever your weird thing and you don’t mention it to no one isn’t actually weird at all. It is normal to you and normal to more people than you thought to imagine.

See, again. I’m can think of and write some crazy shit and don’t even realize it is crazy.

About Hating People and Loving Humanity and What Else to Write

I’ve gotten a couple of people telling me that they felt that post. I laughed at their responses and rotated my head up and down in confirmation. I’m glad that I wrote that post. It felt good to tell the world about what the hell is going on in my head. See, this is some of the stuff I would omit from a blog post, but am going to leave it because it really doesn’t matter. Thinking of what to write is some hard stuff. I think I have a couple of good post up my sleeve.

I think I’m going to end it all on this. I don’t want to bore anybody else with my ramblings. If you get this congrats.

Wait. I got something that I want to talk about that has always pissed me off. You know how people always say, whenever they have watched a very crappy movie, they have wasted X amount of time of their lives by watching that crappy movie. I hate that statement. You could have walked out of that waste of time movie. But that isn’t the thing that pisses me off really. It is the other stuff that we do to waste time. We spend endless amounts of time on the internet at work and at home. Sure an hour or two is fine, but the whole day isn’t cool. Just the same thing with watching tons of television. It doesn’t matter if it is something interesting on the internet or compelling on the television, time is wasted. We could do other things that we like to do. We could experience something that we don’t even know we would like. We waste so much time doing things that seem normal and people always feel that they are always busy. Busy doing what? You aren’t busy, you are busy wasting time on shit that doesn’t matter.

Okay. That is it for real. I need to be doing something else where I don’t have the time to be thinking to myself.

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