A New Month, A New Challenge–I’m Ready!

Today starts the day of a new month and a new challenge. I’ve given it some thought and am going to prepare myself to get plenty of goals done. I’m almost finish of completing my task and assignments for the month (I’ll explain that in the coming post) and should be ready for anything and everything in a day or two. One of the goals that I’m extremely excited about and got ideas from a fellow blogger is to write every single day in the blog. This going to be harder than you think it is for me. I write everyday and that is just routine now. It is something that I just do, but, as you have seen this year, I’ve haven’t wrote much of anything in the blog.

Me writing not much to the blog is my fault. The only excuse that I can give is that I was getting things done. But that will change for this whole month. I’ve got a couple of topics in my head and some of them I don’t normally write about Im going to write about and it is a way for people to get to know who I am a little deeper.

So, this being the first post, it is going to be the shittiest one too. I’m extremely excited and ready for all the possibilities that may occur because of me pushing myself to complete all of the things I want to and also writing in the blog everyday.

See you soon.

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