A Picture that Never Got Taken

There’s a big hurricane coming to town tonight and I am prepared enough, I think. I got a little restless and drove around to find a grocery store so I can make a last minute meal and visit my parents. I also took my camera so that I could take some photos to see what the skies and places around looked like before the ‘storm’. Some of the things that I captured in a time in space were gas stations out of gas and boarded up, the clouds at high noon, and the level of the bayou. I know this storm is going to be crazy and am amazed how calm it is hours away.

But I wanted to get one more photo, one more piece of history that no one would really care about and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pull the trigger, I couldn’t lift up an object that weighed less than a pound, the whole experience would have been lost if I did take that photo I so badly wanted. When it was all said and done I left and know exactly what will happen to that photo that I never took after tonight. When I go next time to my parents place and look under the bayou I will not see 5-10 bicycles laying underneath, clothes and grocery baskets laying underneath, a bed or two laying underneath, underneath a bridge that was and still possibly be a family’s habit and getaway from a mundane and routine life.

I didn’t take a picture of someone’s place because I saw the actual person who has been living there… way before I first took notice of something being odd in a typical American neighborhood. The older gentlemen eyes pierced through the space between us and connected with mines as if he was pulling my whole body over to him to really feel and see how he was living, while this being on top of one of many bicycles he owned coming back with more goods and items I couldn’t recognize for the storm to come. Damn, and I didn’t do much about it, the only thing I did was put up my right hand to let him know that I meant no harm, that I was only a curious kid who wanted to take a closer glimpse under the bridge. As I turned around to walk away the homeless man took baby steps down the embankment of the man made transportation design structure that was and still for now someone’s home. All I did was turn around , got in my bimmer, and drove to my apartment where I will be safe from the storm. Just thinking about that makes my stomach toss and turn.

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