All I Want To Do is Get Lost…

Something I thought about last year, but have been in my heart for the past 4 years is coming closer, but scarier has the minutes go by. I really don’t understand the hold up, it has been over 3 months of waiting, waiting for a process that shouldn’t have taken much time feels like I will ever get to live the experience of getting lost.

Getting lost is something alot of us have experience, but don’t appreciate it while being in the moment. But how exciting will it be to get lost in a place you have dreamed about, listen to tons of people talk about, watch what it looks like, but still haven’t been. It has been 3 years since I have actually taken language classes and I don’t think that will help me much while I am there. All I want to do is get lost on a trip that I only planned the beginning and the end. Where I only read a couple of sources of the do’s/don’t but don’t care because nothing beats the lessons learned while actually being on trip. The dream is slipping away as each minute goes by, but I will not give up until I have exhausted all of my chances and opportunities to make my dream into reality.

Why do we push?

We push for many reasons, but ultimately it is because we really want whatever we are pushing for. So I will continue to push for my right to get lost in another land and I hope that everyone pushes for whatever their dream is, because that is what we are truly living for. That dream/thing/whatever that wakes us up every morning to do no matter if we are smiling or angry because it is our choice. So good luck to all in all that they push for.

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