An Entrepreneur in Disguise

Definitions of an Entrepreneur from Wikipedia:

A decision-maker whose entire role arises out of his alertness to hitherto unnoticed opportunities

An entrepreneur is one who combines the land of one, labor of another and the capital of yet another, and, produces a product. By selling the product in the market, he pays interest on capital, rent on land and wages to laborers. What remains is his or her profit. Around 80 percent of entrepreneurs fail with their business enterprise. To be successful your product needs to be new to the consumer, and something you think will sell.

Entrepreneur is sometimes mistakenly equated with “opportunist”. An entrepreneur may be considered one who creates an opportunity rather than merely exploits it, though that distinction is difficult to make precisely. Joseph Schumpeter (1934) and William Baumol (1980) consider more opportunistic behavior such as arbitrage one role of the entrepreneur as he helps to generate innovation or mobilize resources to address inefficiencies in the marketplace.

Academics have two classes of theories of how people become entrepreneurs, called supply and demand theories, after economics. In the demand theory, anyone could be recruited by circumstance or opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs get paid depending on their business’ success.

Why him?

I consider this person an entrepreneur for many reasons. Firstly, he is creative and takes action in whatever he wants to accomplish. Brings concepts into reality that he is passionate about and feels that what he is doing is helping out society at the same time. He is a leader in his field of work and if not gets experts to help him out.

There are many ways to get your point out, to help people, and to also profit from the concept and Morgan Spurlock does them all and is still producing. I really didn’t start to pay attention to him until I saw Super Size Me and then I continued to see what other projects he was doing, such as 30 Days. Just watching those documentaries gave me great insight into the way I am going to structure my entrepreneur endeavors because in a creative way they get the point across to people and gives them reasons to take action in their lives.

Some people might be wondering that he isn’t your typical entrepreneur, but all things come in different and not so obvious sizes. Another person that made it for himself that I also consider an entrepreneur is Dane Cook. Entrepreneurship is really about turning nothing into something that someone needs or wants and that is it, whichever way you do that is cool.

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