Another Month, Another Year and Some More Challenges…

I just woke up. My body is sore. I should do some stretching, but still will not be good enough. As I look around I feel good, but not done with anything that I set my mind to. A year ago I told the world and myself that today was going to be the last day of working my ‘9-5’. That isn’t going to happen, right now. That can’t happen, right now. That would be foolish in the predicament that I’m in. I still have bills to pay, a mortgage now, a wedding to plan and not much in my savings. It is funny after making a crazy goal like I did last year and not getting anywhere close to the reality that I wanted. I wasn’t lazy with what I was doing, I just was more concerned with living in the present and doing things the way I wanted to. I guess I didn’t really want to leave my job. I guess I didn’t want to go out there and make it what I wanted to make it. Well, none of that is true, but what I had to do in order to make it a reality is what I didn’t do. Am I disappointed in not being able to wake up when somebody else tells me to wake up, or go to lunch when somebody else tells me to, or get out of the cage when everything is said and done, sure, of course I am. But I’m a better person after a year ago. Even though now I know my two passions and putting effort into both of them right now, I think as years continue to pass I will get to know who I am more and more and know what I thought I was and not as much.

So, I’m going to set another goal of getting out of my corporate gig in another year. There are plenty of things that I want to do right now. There isn’t a reason to talk about it because it is just something and nothing set in stone. But the good thing is that I’m taking action into making things happen the way I want.

Enough about what I didn’t do and what I plan to do, that is my goal. Now we are talking about August 2010. There are 5 months left this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what I get accomplish. I’ve been thinking about what I have planned for the month and am extremely excited with what I will get done. So, here we go.

It is All About Dough

I’m going to be doing a month-long challenge of making bread. I have been making bread off and on for the past couple of months. A co-worker got me interested in bread making because I was surprised, during lunch, that he had made his own bread and it looked better than what you would eat at whole foods or any speciality stores. I told him to send me the recipes and I’ve been making bread ever since. This past weekend was the first time I made pizza. I didn’t put too much on the dough in regards to ingredients and the shit was damn delicious. So I’ve given myself this challenge to make bread and document it. I’m going to give tons of it away, learn plenty more about myself and seeing how I will discover a new love of what can be consider engineering. We shall see.

Photography Project

I’ve been thinking about this for some time and was going to do this the last week of July, but thought it would be a better challenge to just do for the whole month. I’ll be of course taking photographs, but it will be with a twist. I will be listening and getting inspiration from listening to a Tu Pac album. When I was younger I used to listen to Tu Pac. This was one of the albums that I truly listened to and understood what he was talking about. It doesn’t matter how I thought about this, I’m just going to do it and see what I capture with the vision the music gives me.

What Do I Think of Projects?

I think everyone should do them. What we do everyday is mostly mundane. We wake up and repeat the same schedule and at times it can drive us crazy. This is why I do all of these challenges. They make my life more interesting and I do get to learn more about myself. I didn’t think I was an extreme guy until I did the no internet for two weeks challenge and the crazy cardio challenge. I wouldn’t have thought it until I did those activities or lack there of and wrote about my experience. Now that I know that I can challenge myself on different levels and see what it is that will keep my attention.

It doesn’t matter what the project is that somebody should be doing. It should be something that they have been putting off and curious to know what will happen if the activity is experienced. So, I advice everybody that is putting something off for later, to just do it. I have a friend that has this nice looking beer kit that is tucked away in his closet, I hope that he pulls it out, figure out the amount of time he can devote to it and see what happens. I strongly hope that everyone does something in that regards.

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