Appreciation to Ash B!

I met this person via email a year or so ago. I, for the most part, thought I was writing for myself and simply documenting my life to the known world. I have told a couple of people of my website, but not much. However, when I checked my email one afternoon or day (I can’t remember now), I saw a message from someone who was from Canada, we’ll call her Ash.

She was letting me know that what I wrote really helped her get her life in order and gave her the confidence to do what she always wanted to do in her life. She said I was kind of an inspiration to her and wanted me to know. After I read that email I paused, I was actually feeling I was falling back in my commitment to myself to write in my blog, but I couldn’t believe what I wrote was helping somebody else. Little did I know I started to understand my purpose in life and went back and forth with a couple of emails with Ash. At the time I was 26 and still trying to figure out things (actually, still am) and wrote because I wanted to. I realized that people can take charge in their lives by a couple of paragraphs a couple of times a week and multiplied in months.

I haven’t emailed Ash for some time now, I know she seldomly reads at the blog, but happy she is living for her self, taking life by the horns (I got of think of another saying, lol)! I want you to know A, I appreciate the effort you had emailing to let me know how much you admired my writing.

As we grow up and feel we have to give back to others, there comes a time where others lift us back to continue our motivation of life. I know I will never fully understand how much I touched your life and you will not know how much you have touched mine, but a couple of words should let you know I do care for your kind gesture of letting me know.

Ash, you were the first person to ever email an appreciation note of what I write for fun, and I thank you again of it. Like I said before, you have helped me to find my purpose and I will never stop writing to help others improve their lives, find their passions, and live up to them as much as possible.

Thank You!

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