Appreciation to Esther

Many times, we don’t know what we will learn from somebody else. It could be one aspect of our daily routine that this person sees and politely or not tells you to change. We are in our own world and feel that the world is centered around us. Most of the time we feel that we are the makers of our own destiny and steps in life. BUT, this is a big BUT, this shit isn’t true. We need people to help us and we need to give back and help others, too. At times, we just don’t know the best way, but, for the most part, I feel the best way a person can help out others is to be aware and just say something: this is what this person has done!

This is what this appreciation is all about that this very person gave me. A realization that life is all about helping each other and not asking for anything in return.

I’ve known this person for almost 2 years, I met her through my girlfriend. During the first year of my girlfriend and I’s relationship I didn’t see her much. But since the beginning of this year she and I have been helping each other stay on track with our writing–she more of the keeping me on track than the other way around.

For now, this person is a high school teacher, but wants to be a full-time writer, and in fact, has just finished her first novel. I’ve read a couple of pages, and would like to read the whole novel, but just holding the notebook filled with pages of her work was quite amazing.

I’ve Learned More from Her than From Any Book on Writing

The first time I started writing my novel I asked her about what books I should read and what groups were best to get into. She kindly told me that all of it was a waste of time. Most of the people writing those writing books don’t know what they are talking about and will only result in me not actually doing what I should be doing, which is writing. She suggested that I will be better off just writing and asking people to look at my stuff, which I did immediately.


I got help for my grammar from her, my girlfriend, and another friend. My grammar was damn shitty and was embarrassed with what I found out when I reread my work. But, as I kept looking back and saw what I needed to improve, everyone, including this person helped me to realize that what I needed to do is continue to read books, see how other people wrote, and learn from them. I did, and now I can see so much improvement in my writing and actually take the time to proofread my work now.

Diction Expansion

The words that I use, for the most part, are basic. Instead of telling me that I needed to improve my vocabulary, this person kindly recommended me to subscribe to Merriam Dictionary word of the day podcast. I was slightly pissed, but knew where the person was coming from, and as I learned word after word, I became pleased and thrilled that this person had the courage to help me, especially on a sensitive topic of improving and increasing my vocabulary.

I Just Email…

Whenever I am in a rut and need help with something dealing with writing, she always answers my emails and gives me encouragement to keep going.

A couple of weeks ago she was feeling down and I asked her that I have stopped posting tons of articles to my blog. She looked at me and said that it is best that way and that I needed to focus on my novel. I didn’t say much to her regarding the novel that night, but knew that what I needed to do was to keep novel writing; not to my blog.

The amount of help and encouragement that I’ve gotten from this person and also her husband has been something I can’t put a price on and something I don’t know how to repay.

This whole year of becoming a writer has been a magical one, not just my dedication towards the cause, but with all of the people that have helped me realize my dream.

I thank you so much, Esther. I thank you for commenting on my blog post, sending me emails on other websites that are beneficial to me, and giving me the simple message of to just write. Just writing is what I needed. You have made me to understand that writing is all that I needed to do and will need to do for all of the things I write in the future.

We are so alike in so many ways. I want you to know that I do appreciate all that you have helped me with and want you to know that everything that I’ve learned from you is shown in my writing. I appreciate you for being in my life, Esther! Also, even though I don’t see you all of your work, I know that you have passion for writing; it is shown in the way you willingly help me get better…

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