August Goals: Didn’t Get Much of Anything Done, but…

Last month was a good month. As many months that I give myself challenges I learn more about myself.

I had high hopes of what I wanted to get accomplish. I thought I wasn’t setting myself up to over work myself like I’ve been doing lately. But, in the end, I still was able to work the shit out of myself. But the funny thing about everything was that I did what was natural to me. I did the things that I knew that I wanted to get done more than anything.

I set my goals of baking bread and pizza, listening to Tu Pac and capturing the images that best represented what I felt it was all about and whatever else that I set myself up to do. The thing that I want you to know is that not much of that got done. I baked bread on the first of the month and the day before the last day of the month. I listened to Me Against the World for 20 plus days straight and didn’t take a photograph of the way I felt because of it. And the most exciting thing is that I didn’t feel bad because of it.

What I did instead was to write four chapters of my novel that I can look at and say that it is looking like a story. I was able to break out of my slump and take images that I’m proud of and just for the pure nature of seeing what I envisioned and all. I even got a chance to see a friend play his gig, something that I haven’t done in awhile and was able to also partake in my own passion the same time that he was doing his. I was able to get two interviews out of the way and learned more about my interview skills and more importantly the people who I barely had a clue about before. The hard part is to actually get the writing done of those interviews and transform them into something people would want to read. The thing that took and pushed me most of the month was getting this photography website up. I managed to do so. Even though I felt lazy as hell yesterday and the past couple of days, but I got it done.

I had plenty of things that I wanted to do. I even put it as a goal to get my first client on the 20th of the month. But I am in such a better place right now that I will suffer that defeat. I know it will happen soon. I just have to continue to put the things that I want to truly do out there and go about it and all. I have some goals this month and will start to get them going, but the simple fact of doing the things that my heart races to initially is what I need to listen to and focus on and deligent on getting done.

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