Being Completely Honest with Yourself…

One thing that I am realizing this year with all that I do is that everything that I plan and think of starts with me. It is really that simple, but really came to a realization this past week. I looked at my task for the day and quickly changed the date to complete the task to the next day. I have done this about 5 times already this year and am tired of it. I can see some of my bad behaviors from last year creeping back from the grave (it has only been 14 days). If I want to run a successful business, lose weight and gain muscle, get closer to God, become more socialable, or whatever I want to do it starts from the top. The top is myself and I have to be completely honest with myself about my current position and the way I want my future to be. One of the quotes that I am going to live by this year is, “Nothing ever gets done unless you take initiative”.

I have completed tons of task that will help me complete my monthly and year goals. I am glad that I have the mindset of being aware of my shortcomings and doing something about them. Again, that starts with me being completely honest with myself. When I was a little kid I would always hear people saying that you can’t cheat yourself and the truth will always prevail in the long run. I never really understood that saying until a year or so ago.

I remember when I was working the first couple of months at my first job out of college and felt good that I was making money for myself, but didn’t really appreciate the work that I was doing. I would tell myself that I would get challenging and better projects that will kick my motivational side into action. It never really got better at the first company. I continued to tell myself that this place is a good fit for me and yada yada yada, but whenever I would talk to friends about my job I would feel pissed and never satisified of the status quo. So I finally got up the courage and realization that me and that company wasn’t going to last and that I needed to find somewhere that I could learn,  be challeged, and help the company grow. So I did that and am happy because of it. However, I should have made the jump alot earlier and should have trusted my instincts and myself more. It is a lesson learned that I will not forget and will continue to improve myself on trusting myself.

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