Being Connected to Everything Sucks…

Being connected to everything is dieing a slow death. Literally, it can drive a person crazy. Let’s think about this for alittle bit. A lot of people that I know have a cell phone (with or without a camera), camera, ipod/mp3 player, and internet connection. That is all that a person needs to be connected to friends, family, the world, and gadgets. Which, to me is the problem, the reasons are not much, but they are detrimental. Think about being connected to 2-3 social networks, texting old and new friends, don’t forget that you have to update your ipod with new songs and audio books, I have to take my camera with me to take a picture of my friends, check email at least 20 times a day, and the list goes on.


The last couple of months I have got rid of tons of things. From deleting some blogs that don’t add value to me, getting rid of podcast that I don’t listen to, cutting out tons of television and tivo only what I am interested in, and so on. As I wrote in the last entry I have too much time and realizing that I can truly do more for myself and also for others.


I don’t know where things are going in this world, but it we have to decide how much we want to be truly affected by society. No matter what people say we are all effected by what society puts out on us and but we have to really decipher what things come into our life and how it will effect our living.   

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