Body Cleansing/Workout Challenge Before my Birthday

7:30 in the morning on a Saturday isn’t wahat I call sleeping in. When I sleep in, I don’t set my alarm, I just let my body wake up when it is ready, and when I that happens I fall back asleep.

The reason why I got up and went through what I did is by far one of the hardest challenges I’ve done this year (this and that).

How this Challenge got Started
When I was drinking a cider beer, Strongbow, a friend challenged me to a workout-get-in-shape-detox challenge. He used to be a trainer and helped many people lose weight. When somebody challenges me I like to prove them wrong. However, the funny thing about this situation was that I already told myself that I was going to go crazy with my workout for 2 weeks (birthday is on the 25th).

My original plain was to run in the morning and afternoon, which is 2.4 miles each stretch, and do some other workout exercises; that I’ve started and haven’t done in some time (squats and push-ups).

I still don’t know what my friend has in stored for me. He did mention that it will be 60% dietary and 40% exercise. From what I can gather right now, I think I will be doing tons of running, tons of fiber eating, and many hours of sleep (which I greatly need). Most of my work out will occur after work. I don’t know what else is going to be involved. However, already, I’m seeing improvements in my body and conditioning.

I’m a Garbage Disposal When it Comes to Eating
I eat anything that is insight. I don’t count calories, but I judge my fullness on how much food I can physically force down my throat. She is not to blame, but I eat everything that my girlfriend makes. She is quite the cook/baker/chef and in the past couple of months, I’ve been having a smile on my face because of the pies, pastries, lemon bars, and of all her delicious lunch and dinner meals.

As you can see in the photo above, these are all of the clothes I can’t fit. There are more that are at my girlfriend’s place; but this is some bullshit I need to correct now. It is not cool having a rotation of 4 shirts and pants, especially when I have clothes that once fit me, and actually looked big on me at the time. All the clothes in the picture and some that I manage to barely slip into are disguised straight-jackets: uncomfortable to move around in (damn, I can’t even tie my shoe without my shirt becoming un-tucked) and embarrass me with how foolish I look because of the tight clothes on a gradually expanding body.

Also, I told myself a month ago that I was going to be rip by my birthday, which is September 25. I don’t think I will be ripped by that time, but I will have at least started the transformation.

So, I will take photos, weigh, and examine the foods that I ate. This whole thing will be something that will literally kick my ass. I thought what I was planning was good enough, but I will let the ex-trainer have his way with my commitment and his vision on transforming my body. The first 2 weeks are what I consider hell on earth. I will be eliminating tons of foods from my diurnal eating life, especially foods I’ve enjoyed that were a hinderous and reason for my expanded belly.

My Reasoning of Type of Cardio: Why Running and Not biking?

The past 2 weeks I’ve been gearing my body for cardio with the form of biking. I did this mainly by biking to and from work. I would travel 5 miles and would only feel a slight soreness in my legs. But, exercising on a bike requires me to go longer distances. In order to get what I feel when running I have to go 30-40 miles. I don’t have the time or the ideal place to do so. I’ve got other activities and commitments that are very important to me, too. Then, last Thursday at work, I thought that it would be more beneficial for me to run, instead of bike. That time spent pounding the pavement will give my body a more effective way to lose weight. I run a mile in 10-12 minutes, when I was in my best running shape I would run a mile in 7-8 minutes–I want to get back at that. I’ve already timed myself and have plenty of work to do to decrease my times.

This is what I have for now, this is something that will be fun, but something I will need to jump start my life in the direction it wants to go. Stay tuned for greatness.

This was the old me, I want to look and feel 10 times better. I’m ready!

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