Burger Brawl Competition, This Past Weekend


I have talked about my weekends quite a bit lately, actually I usually write about my weekends every Monday. I learn so much from the experience of being away from my job for a couple of days. For the most part, like everyone else, it is a time for relaxation, reflection, catching up with friends and family that weren’t seen throughout the work week, or to take a short, but much needed vacation.

A bet that turned into a friendly contest, increased in size, and spiraled out of control by both parties of friends and family knowing and committing to the battle, there was no turning back. I am sure people know of the show, Throw Down, with Bobby Flay, he is the one that started this and as time went by, the noise talking increased. My girlfriend is a fantastic cook, she can run circles around me, and I have learned so much from her over the past year in a half. I knew I was provoking the wrong person. I am a competitive person by nature, so I naturally urged her on into a battle that no one could turn there back on and take lightly.

She Had All the Pressure!

I had less to lose! She was putting her reputation on the line in front of her family, friends, and at her parent’s house. I had absolutely nothing to lose, if I win, then I would be looked at as a person with serious cooking skills. She was getting a little scared and didn’t know what to expect of what I could do (I think she was scared, I at least tried to make her feel frighten).

The Day Begins

Saturday started early and we didn’t waste much time getting things ready for later on in the day. We woke up, had some Starbucks Coffee, some okay oatmeal, kind of bland, even with the extra goodies of nuts and raisans added. The first place we went was the farmers’ market, we got corn on the cob, tomatoes, squash, more vegetables, eggs, bacon, and whatever else that would feed the amount of people who were coming to the contest. The bill was high, but right on for the amount of food we were able to get.

The next stop was Sam’s Club. Sam’s wasn’t as deleterious as I thought it would be, but still required concentration, mixed in with excitement and craziness. Sam’s was by far the expensive part of the grocery trips, but was able to fuel the bulk of what the competition was all about (burgers, tons of it!).

When we got to my girlfriend parent’s place we started cleaning the kitchen, bar-be-que pit, the outside, and making sure the chairs were clean for the people we invited. My killa outfit was wet in 30 minutes! Oh well, I guess that is what happens sometimes (girlfriend had at least another outfit with her, she was prepared).

The Competition Begins

The competition didn’t start until I was sitting in a chair drinking a beer. My girlfriend looked at me and said, “You bet to get to choppin, these are mine, for the brawl!” I got up, washed my hands, got another beer, and started chopping myself. It competition had officially begun and knew this wasn’t going to be a easy battle.

For the most part the day went on without much drama. However, the rain didn’t want to go away, but that is to be expected with living in Houston.

Everyone who came enjoyed themselves. I wasn’t able to get around to everyone, but matched different people with each other who might haven’t made that initial push to start a conversation.

There were a couple of people I haven’t seen in some time. People who I used to spend tons of my time with, but we either have moved away, occupy ourselves with girlfriends, or whatever else the case. It was fun, I’ll do it again, once I save more money for the next cook-off or get together.

Oh yeah, I lost the burger brawl by 5 points! It would have been by more, if I didn’t low-ball her on the scoring (hey, I am crazy competitive and didn’t want to lose).

Lessons Learned:

  1. Cooking, no matter the size, can take a toll on the body. Get other people to help with the cooking (trust me, they want to help).
  2. Time is a blur when you are having fun. Once the day or event starts, take off the watch and don’t look at the time. Be in the moment.
  3. When you tasted a surprisingly good burger, let the person know. They will appreciate it (girlfriend’s turkey burger was the shit).
  4. Enjoy the time you spend with others. It is hard to get people together in one setting. The stars and sky have to align themselves in order for it to work.
  5. Be proud of yourself to only lose by 5 points, when there were more women, more of her friends who came out, and at her house. (Although, I did have a friend come up to me and say, “Her burgers were better, but I voted for you.” I’m sure people did the same for her…)
  6. Setting up an event is expensive, really expensive. Make sure you budget and when the final bill flashes on the registar screen you won’t freak out.

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