Business Idea put into Action…

Well I have been talking about this so-called idea for the longest and it is time to let everyone know what I am actually doing. I will be writing reviews and giving advice on automobiles with a twist. There are many ways to do something you truely love, but it is a different story on how a person can make a living doing that particular thing. Well I think I figured it out, I am not going to tell ya everything, but this is what is going to be involved in the first phase of my business venture. I will use this blog to write about the first couple of articles about what is involved in selling a car and then I will make a seperate website that focuses on how to find a good mechanic, what are the best places to buy a “new” used car, reviews of vehicles that I am fixing and selling from different people, reviews of sports cars, and so on. There are tons of directions I see this going and one of them is to ultimately test drive new automobiles, I have also figured out 3 streams of income and am going to enjoy the journey to getting there.

Assignment #1 – Selling Brother’s Car

My first mission is to sell my brother’s car. This is not going to be terribly hard, but is still a challenge. Here is what it looks like:

I’ll write more of what is involved in the sell in the next post.

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