Chase Bank, Fuck you With your Meaningless Fees!


A couple of days ago I get mail from one of my banks, Chase Bank, the note gives me the summary of the past month. I observed my balance and it showed that my account was $6 bucks less than the previous month. So after thinking about the situation, cooling off, then back to being angry again I told myself that I was going to take care of the matter tomorrow. So since I haven’t used the card for the month I was being penalized for it. Cool! Chase’s rules and policies, but I also have the right to spend my money else where.

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I’m pissed. I get off the bus, grab whatever info I have regarding the bank account, go to my car and make my way to the bank. I get out of the car and open the door. I then walk through the doors and wait in line for a banker on the floor. 

“Mr. Atateh (pronaunced incorrectly), why do you want to close your account.”, the banker says. 

“Because of meaningless fees, don’t use the card or the account, and I’m losing money!”, I say with a stern look on my face.

“Is there any…” 

“No it isn’t I just want to close my account!”

“Here’s your reciept and you can take it to the teller and she will get you your cash. Thank you for doing business with us.”

“Thank you. Bye bye!


Don’t take shit from nobody, especially a huge company that doesn’t care about your interest and only wants to make as much money as possible. As companies have a right to do business, so does the customer who pays for a product and it doesn’t live up to their expectations. In the past I would have just pushed the issue aside and let others take advantage of me, but not anymore, times are changing and I don’t take much shit from people now.

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