College, the Best Four Years of Your Life?


Why is that the case? I have been hearing this whey too much. I heard it before college, during, and after. Really why do so many people say this? I think it is because of past generations and the way America is right now. I never believed that quote and will live my life accordingly. How can someone tell you that the peak of your life happens a quarter of your life? How can someone tell you that anything after you graduate college amounts to nothing (it doesn’t compare)? How can people take that kind of mentality about THEIR life?


Don’t get me wrong, college was a great part of my life, but I know that my life now and in the future will be better than what it was in college. I believe why alot of people believe college is the “golden years” is because of working for the rest of your life. That mindset already sets a person up for not thinking highly of work and taking it seriously. When I walk to aisle of work I see disgruntle, slouching, delusional, people ready to go home and repeating quotes from Office Space and the Office like they are suppose to because of their current situations.

Well I say fuck that. Life is what you want it to be. No one can live your life and if you are disappointed about your current situation then do something about it. So when you see someone doing something you ultimately want to do in your life do something about it and find out the steps it takes to do that. When you see yourself complaining and bitchin about something you have total control over, you should slap yourself and do something about it.

There are times when I look at my co-workers and wonder what are they are truly thinking about their present state of life, what they are thinking about their future, and what they truly want to do. I find it puzzling when someone on Monday is already ready for Friday to come around. Why do we resort so much to the weekend? Why do we feel that that time is the only way to freedom? Well there is no reason to find the answers to these questions because it doesn’t matter, it only matters what you do about the way you want your life to turn out. So when I here someone complain about something they can control I will tell them to STFU and do something about it.

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