Day 2 – Road Trip, East Coast: The Road Trip and NYC!

The alarm was jingling around 12:30 a.m., early Saturday morning. I knew it was time for me to do something I’ve never done before, or more accurately, done something that I’ve never done for a long time.

I made some coffee, turned on my laptop, and started writing. I would have to say that I left Ann Arbor before 2 a.m. It was dark, cold, and spooky at the same time. I looked around my surroundings so many times. I wonder if somebody was behind me? I would have probably attacked them with the fact that it was night time and I was defending myself (you would, too).

There were no hiccups on the road-trip. The coffee lasted roughly 4 hours, until I had to stop at a convenient store to load up on more coffee (with tons of sugar), 3 bags of M&M’s, and one crappy egg Mcmuffin, that almost chocked me. I would have liked to stop in the towns along the way and see how the people lived; I guess I will have to save that exercise for next time.

I finally made it to New Jersey and to the train into New York. I got off in central Manhattan. I surfaced to the top of Madison Square Garden and looked around with astonishment and a sense of I’ve made it to NYC. My spirits and motivation to do anything came back and was ready for whatever.

I didn’t book my hotel, so I was in the process of checking the internet for any last minute deals. There was this woman on the side of me, who, was waiting for her teacher for a help session. I kindly asked her if she knew of any places to stay for the night. She mentioned two places that were cheaper than any of the hotels around.

However, that was not the end of the conversation. She asked why I was on the trip. Then about writing and novels, and then so on about life in general. It was cool to actually talk to a New Yorker. But, the conversation kept going and going. I think I was talking to her for an hour. She helped me with the organization of my novel and writing in general. When the conversation became redundant, my mind started to wonder. I was thinking of why do I have the unique ability to attract people who feel that they can talk to me for long periods of time and about anything. I look at myself in the mirror so many times, I don’t get the ‘he-is-a-super-friendly guy’ who will talk your head off. I, myself, think I give off the ‘stay-out-of-my-way vibe’. Oh well, I guess it is a positive and negative quality I have to deal with.

I ended up staying at a hostel for $40 bucks, thanks to the behind the counter person, who only gave me the room because he didn’t want me to go back home and say that New Yorkers are rude and mean people (my Texas I.D. finally came in handy, besides buying drinks with), because I didn’t have my passport. I wanted to take a nap, but didn’t, I was too excited to see a place that I only seen in movies and from other people’s experience, stories, and photos.

I was able to get on the circle line sight seeing boat trip, which took a group of people around the whole island for 3 hours. I realized the trip was long, but didn’t fall asleep because of all of the attractions I was seeing and the in-dept history lesson from the speaker.

Later in the day I visited a high school friend, who had moved to New York around the time at the end of the last year. She told me about her experience and what she was learning along the way. It was cool to talk to somebody who was following her passions and doing something about it. I finally ate New York style pizza and made it back to my hostel.

I was tired, I was ready to call it a night, but knew around this time, I would be in he capital of New York. So, I made a trip to Time’s Square, surprisingly, without my camera. I’ll explain the reasoning why and what I learned.

I agreed to go to Central Park with a couple of Holland folks. I didn’t know that we were going to walk more than 30 blocks. Central Park, 5th avenue, and the surrounding areas were great fun to experience. People were out watching performers and many people everywhere.

I knew New York was taking a toll on me and wanted to get back to the hostel, so I could make my way to Albany. I was able to eat in the area, watch a movie shoot, and walk my ass back 30 plus blocks.

The obvious downside of a trip that was designed to be rushed, is that I had to keep moving, in order to get to my final destination. I have to come back and spend 4-5 days exploring a place that I didn’t even get close to fully seeing…

My words don’t do it justice of what I saw in New York. So you have to take a look at the photos.

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