Day 3 – Road Trip, East Coast: Last Bit of NYC and Albany, NY

All photos are finally up. From 1400 down to 404 photos, enjoy!

I stayed in New York longer than expected. I was fatigued of walking and knew that I had to continue my journey. The Hollanders could have walked the whole day and not feel exhausted (late teens to early 20’s and in great shape). We finally made it back to the hostel and I quickly grabbed my suit case and headed to Penn Station.

Taking the train to Albany was relatively quick. I was able to write, look along the Hudson River, and reflect on the trip.

Going to Albany

Albany was the last place of the trip because I was meeting a friend, who I met through his blog. I figured since I was coming to New York I should visit. Adam McFarland and his roommate/business partner, George, picked me up from the train station. It was if we already knew each other and connected instantly.

Adam, George, and me talked for a couple of hours before we headed to sleep. I realized something while I had my eyes looking to the sky, “I’m one adventurous badass and would do anything to make it happen.” I was also, already, thinking of the next trip I was going to do. This bug of solo travel has gotten me thinking of the future. And also, I was missing my girlfriend and the whole experience has gotten me to think of travel spots that we can go on together.

A Great Day for Work

The next day was a new day. All three of us woke up, ate breakfast, I was able to write, and we headed to the warehouse. Adam, George, Mike, and Greg have a business called Pure Adapt. Right now they have 2 main businesses under their umbrella, Tastefully Driven and Detail Images, and smaller websites, that generate a cash-flow for the company. Not one person is over the age of 28, and they all bus their asses to make sure they are contributing to make the company grow in size and profit.

All of the guys were laid back, but knew when to have fun, and get serious with work. Adam is the programmer of the bunch and quite talkative, especially over topics about business. George is the playboy of the 4, he loves women like any man, but does his job with care, motivation, and passion. Mike is the cool guy, who knows what his job is, doesn’t mind doing more work, and seems like the one who keeps the group leveled. Greg is a pitbull: he is the one who deals with the vendors, knows the profitability (which I believe all of them do) of the business, and isn’t scared to tell his partners what needs to be done.

They are one of the smallest companies at this warehouse park, but many things are done with the time they are at the warehouse: it is scary. I believe they work about 20-25 hours at the office, they all come into the office on Monday’s, which is their biggest order days, and alternate between 2 people for the rest of the week to pull the orders and develop ways to improve the company. They of course work remotely from home and communicate with each other daily.

It didn’t seem like we were working, everyone were wearing gym garments and listening to ‘90’s rap.

I met the rest of the crew that morning and helped pull orders. It was super easy to get the orders, with the systems that they had put in place. We didn’t stay to long at the warehouse: pulled orders, went to lunch, and they had a 5-8 minute meeting.

Also, they recently hired their first employee, John, who helped out doing the bulk of the orders and freeing up the partners to do work that would ultimately expand the business.

Nap and Sightseeing in the Woods

Afterwards we went back to the apartment to chill. Once we woke from our naps, Adam and I headed out to a wooded area, which was 5 or so minutes from their apartment. The walk in the woods was peaceful and breath-taking, at the same time. There were 3 waterfalls at this place that you couldn’t see from the road. The first waterfall just came out of no where, water was rushing down below, a couple of steps would result in the end of life.

We continued to walk in the woods. There was another waterfall, it was harder to get to, but was just as fun to see. We entertained a steep part of the trail, that resulted in us sliding all the way down to the base of the 2nd waterfall. What made the second waterfall so interesting, was we could actually walk along it; the water was moving at a much slower pace, so I was able to look down below and wash my hands with the crisp coldness of the water. I would have drank the water, but I pissed in it moments before.

We saw many high school kids, who probably know the wooded park better than anyone. I’m sure they smoke, drank alcohol, and partook in sexual relations from time to time. We spent roughly 45-50 minutes in the woods. I was sweating and out of breath. It was a nice treat of Adam taking me to a place that was as natural as it could be, and gave me a sense of what up-state New York had to offer.

It’s time to eat!

The highlight of the day was going to dinner. Not so much the place (which was a micro brewery with tasty appetizers, entrees, and unique pallet conscious beers), but the company helped me enjoy my time traveling alone, that was quickly coming to an end. Adam, George, Mike, and I (Greg wasn’t able to attend) talked about business, life, women, high school days, and whatever else. We continued our day with walking along the bridge, which was adjacent to the Hudson River. To cap off the night, we went to a bar that was edged into the banks of the river: beers, great company, and an amazing view were all present.

I don’t know what I learned about this trip, but, will try to explain that soon…

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  1. Oke all I can say is that you are really taking this writing thing seriously and it’s showing. I am impressed and happy for you congrats keep up the good work. Hopefuly I get some marketing ideas from this book because that seems like at least the other 50% of being sucessful. You’ve got the other 50% done and down pat which is the hard work and dedication. From you “pissing” in the water and commenting on teenagers having sex in the woods sigh…BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn you are you man don’t change for anybody.

  2. I will keep it going. I start writing an hour tomorrow. You should get some marketing ideas, but it will give you more of a systematic way to starting and running a business. Don’t worry about changing, more of me will come out. I got one more post about this whole trip. Let me know when you get the book. You might finish it in a day or 2.

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