December: The Last Month of the Year

I actually wrote this post over a week ago. I need to be better about posting, I’ve gotten use to writing, saving and closing my computer to repeat the same task the next day. I now all I have been writing about lately is about my novel and how difficult it is and all. The next couple of post will be a change a pace–I’m not promising, though…

I’ve been busy lately. It is something I don’t want to explain right now, but life is moving and I’m also doing what I can with the amount of time I have for this year.

Last week felt tremendous, I was able to get rid of my weight set and felt energize because of doing so. I want to continue to get rid of stuff and declutter my apartment, which will in turn declutter my life.

Clueless on What to Write

I don’t know what to write about right now. I’ve been busy with my novel and other important task that it is hard for me to come up with something to write. I remember when I was writing a couple of times a week, I usually could think of topics just by going to work or watching somebody on the bus, listening to a podcast, or whatever. But now my mind is all focused on the novel, well most of it is. I haven’t talked about the details of the novel; I don’t think that is important, well at least not right now. I usually talk about the struggles, challenges, and whatever type of feeling I’m going through. This whole challenge of writing everyday, and now completing a novel within the year is something that has pushed me to realize that I can do anything I want, I can make a goal or a thought come to existence.

How Does it Feel to Write Everyday?

It is a part of my routine, just like waking up, walking, seeing, smelling, going to work or sleeping. I usually write in the morning before I go to work, on the days I’m not at work I usually write a couple of hours after I wake up, even at times when it is the last thing I do for the day. These past couple of months have been devoted to writing my novel; but other times I spend writing a blog post, essay, my thoughts, or whatever I want to. I like the process and what I create after an hour’s worth of time. I love the fact that what I write can be used towards something else I’m doing in my life, which is exciting and lets me realize that spending an hour doing something productive everyday gets the momentum going into getting many task, assignments and goals done.

During Thanksgiving…

I chilled by eating scrumptious food, spending time with family and friends, playing catch-football with my nephew, brothers, and friends, and injuring my knee playing basketball. I don’t know if it was me thinking about all of the activities I have planned for the coming year and trying to figure out where the money was going to come from. When I thought of this very goal for the next year, I knew it was something I had to commit to, just like the writing goal.

I Plan to Become…

The Businessman that I have always wanted to become. I don’t know how I’m going to get there, which to me, is the most exciting part of this whole endeavor but ready for whatever comes my way. I written down a couple of possibilities and will tackle them in the coming weeks. What I will work on this week is to truly work on my finances and get that in predicable, routine order as much as possible.

None of this will take away from what I plan to do with my writing and novel– I just have to better use my time.

One More Month: The Most Important Month of the Year

This month will be tons of planning for the coming year, continuing to do what is working for me in all faucets of my life, finish strong with my novel and writing (which I plan to continue to write everyday for next year or just see how long I can go), eliminate bad habits (figure out where they are coming from and take steps to eliminate them), workout with a focus to shock my body as much as possible.

I Hope to Write Twice Per Week

I am going to end the year strong and write more in the blog. If my novel suffers, than I will decrease the blogging accordingly.

The main point for my blog is for others to see what I’m doing, learn from it, and do something with theirs. If I can’t make my own goals and dreams happen, then I’m simply full of shit and shouldn’t be listened to. Lets see how it turns out.

2 responses to “December: The Last Month of the Year”

  1. “If I can’t make my own goals and dreams happen, then I’m simply full of shit and shouldn’t be listened to.” ~Oke

    That’s got to be one of your best lines. I really love it. You’re so damn honest. Awesome.

  2. Rick,

    Thanks for the liking of my quote. I laughed all night when you called me about it. I thought about it more today and couldn’t have said it better than that. I’m going to make it a point to live up to that motto for at least the rest of the year, I’ll let you know if I’m full of shit or if you can listen to me.

    Thanks for your kind, insightful words!

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