Ecommerce, it has begun.

It has begun, I have set up the account, thought of a name, and am ready for business. I saw what my brother was doing and knew it was time for me to get into the game of ecommerce. I rejected the notion of even participating, and even was almost bullied into doing something I didn’t want to do (at the time) by my dad.

What the Fuck am I Talking About?

I have joined the saturated field of ecommerce, and in this case, selling antique/vintage shoes and purses through


I saw with ease how my brother, who plays tons of hours of War of Warcraft (WoW), who was also forced (via pops), started selling my dad’s stuff he gathered around town. All of his stuff is old, but in great usable condition, and gets at a crazy cheap price. Over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve seen him improve the system, to the point of where he knows what will sell and the time of season.

The first couple of weeks I saw my brother struggle to put up shoes or let alone get any purchases. However, as the weeks matured, and as my dad continue to push him, he saw purchase after purchase occur–he even saw people giving him high praise on the shipping and quality of the shoes.

As my brother’s confidence grew, I saw an opportunity to really provide a second income I so greatly needed. So, I hinted to my dad that I was interested, I kept doing so as my brother raked up 20 plus sells. I gave myself a week to think about it and to see if I still had that same fire the previous weeks. I stopped by my parents house and talked to my dad about it and he agreed with the quickness.

Is their a Challenge Involved?

Well, sorta. I think with all that I have going for myself I can squeeze an extra activity in the week to generate some extra cash. I will only get half of the profits, but all I will have to do is take pictures of shoes/purses, market them if I want, reply to email, and ship them. The two things I have to worry about is posting them online and shipping them. I can take all of the pictures in one setting during a 2 hour stretch and post them when I have time.

Even though I’m not directly competing with my brother, I want to see how many items I can sell more than him. With me working 40 hours during the week, writing 1 hour per day, spending time with my girlfriend, and teaching myself photography and the photography business: this is something I’m looking forward to.

The Engineer and Business Person in Me

I’m going to record all of the stats for selling the vintage products and will see how I can maximize the profit and get people involved in buying and leaving positive comments on my etsy page.

I’ll let yall know how this experiment turns out, I’m so excited to start my second business, even though it isn’t something I’m passionate about. I’ve talked against doing a business this way, but I don’t feel like it will take up much of my time and it will still allow me to do all of the other things I have already been doing.

2 responses to “Ecommerce, it has begun.”

  1. Awesome Oke! Looking forward to hearing more as you progress. I think you’re doing a really smart “experiment” – you have access to something unique that other people don’t (the shoes), and also your brother has proven the model so there’s a little less uncertainty.

  2. Thanks Adam. It should be a fun experiment. I just checked my brother’s account and he is up to 27 sells. He is already talking noise and ready for the competition. My dad already has 15-20 handbags ready for me to sell. This is going to be a good challenge and experiment.

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