Education: Why is It Really Important? Part 2: How Knowing is Everything

“You make a valid point about education. I do agree many people do their best to receive and education just to get a 9 to 5 jobs (myself included). I think the purpose of education is to achieve our own agendas (now this is just my opinion so don’t bight my head off). I believe everyone has an agenda. Mine is to make money so I can do things I enjoy like traveling. If I have to learn a bunch of crap and sit at a desk for a good portion of my life so be it. I still get the fulfillment of traveling to exotic places I would never experience making 7.25 an hours (or whatever minimum wage is now). Teachers have an agenda also, to teach kids. They know they have to go to school to achieve this goal. I guess the point I’m trying to make is receiving an education isn’t always about fulfilling you life. Education is an option that allows you to achieve any goal you want in life. I’m just glad a live in a place that provides an education. There are so many people around the world that would kill to get an education. They know education is the key to changing their lives.” -Troy

I never thought of it this way that Troy has mentioned. I can see his point of just doing what is expected of him to do what he ultimately wants to do in his life. He is playing the game his way and not looking for a job to be his only plot in life. The point I’m making here is that it is up to us to not be fooled by the system and protect ourselves as much as possible.

Post Formal Education: School’s Out, Life Begins

Just like anywhere in corporate America, students getting out of school find it that they have to prove themselves. They have to impress their bosses and have to learn as much about the job as possible. Many times not even using what they learned in school. Once you learn a couple of things you feel on fire and thrilled that you are learning something that will help you better your career.

You sit back and ask questions to the experience folks. You see how your boss carries him/herself. You go about trying to be at the same level or beyond your peers, because, you know, this is America, competition is everything, that’s how we are judged. Then you notice different quality traits in the people who are at the top. Besides the experience factor, they just know what they are talking about and know how to apply themselves in all situations.

Then one wonders how they are so establish in their career and control over there lives. It is all about education. This is a work example and can be applied to anything. Let’s take my case for instance, at the beginning of the year I told everyone that I wanted to focus on being the business man that I always wanted to be. I didn’t know much besides the books that I read on the subject or seen other people do the very thing I was craving. So I put myself out there and saw what other people were doing. I learned, but didn’t learn until I actually begin to do the things that I was seeing. I still didn’t have enough information and I started to ask people. People didn’t tell me much and I was back at the beginning trying to figure it all out. Then I kept going and found something out about the photography field not too many people were talking about. I got educated on the business and the type of field I want to go in. I still need some more education and applying what I learned but the simple fact that if I didn’t ask those questions and seek out the answers than I would be at a place of not knowing and would have just resulted in doing something I don’t want to do.

Again, more on finishing this up tomorrow.

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