Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Sucks…

This is my first year of playing fantasy sports and I can see that it will probaly be my last. It is really an interesting concept that can keep people really glued into sports. I would say that I am a sports fanatic, but fantasy sports takes it too far. A person is literally on the internet looking for information about there players and who is in the free agent market that is doing better than your current roster.

My season started on the road to disaster from the very beginning

I had the first pick of my draft and I selected Shaun Alexander. Many people that keep up with sports knows that he has been a huge disappointment, is currently injured, and is on the cover of Madden 2007.

The Stats

I am currently 1-3 and am down 17 points today. Luckily I have two players that play tomorrow and will “probaly” pick up the win. I here are some of my key players:

1. Jake Plummer

2. Steve Smith

3. Larry Fitzgerald

4. Michael Vick

5. Keyshawn Johnson

6. Isaac Bruce

7. Shaun Alexander



Fantasy Sports is much like Business

Fantasy Sports is all about management. Everything has to be taken into consideration and if you are clueless(like myself) then you will lose most of the time even with the best players. I have learned that the name of the game is about scoring touchdowns and if you develop a strategy of getting as many touchdowns as possible you are golden. However, you never know how your players are actually going to perform. This is the part that is frustrating because you can’t tell your players to run faster, catch more passes, and whatever it is to get touchdowns. Espn gives you so much help on getting vital information about players and advice on whether to bench or play your players depending on there opponent.

Lessons Learned

1. Don’t play Fantasy Sports if you are thinking of the money at the end of the season.

2. Do some research on all of the players before the season starts.

3. Draft players based on the amount of touchdowns they are projected to get, not on there flashiness.

4. Continue to do research on players around the league throughout the season.

5. Do not ever pick a player that is on the cover of Madden.

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