Getting Your Life Together vs. Settling: So Far the Question of the Year!!!

This whole week I have been thinking about my next step. Not only career wise, but passion, purpose, travel, and life in general. I do feel that my life is changing, every single day I am changing and most of the time it is eliminating things I don’t like to do and implementing things I do love. I have a problem of always being in my head and constantly analyzing and living my life through my thoughts. It has for sure gotten better, but there is still much growth that needs to be done. Just this year I have been challenged with a question that has really got me thinking (see there it goes again).

I have been emailing my friends that I met in Japan last year, simply just to catch up with them and let them know what I am up to. But there was one little message that hit me, hit me right in my heart. Here it is: ” It sounds like you are geeting your life settled.?Take it from me, when that happens it can get harder and harder to leave!” The truth of the matter is that statement and realization is so true. We are all human beings and we have a tendency to settle into a routine that does or doesn’t fit us. However, we don’t know what the future will hold for us in any situation that we choose, but we can plan our future out the best we can. For instance, we say that we are going to stay in a particular city for a year or 2, going to stay at this job to make sure I am more marketable in the future, start doing this hobby more often and see where it takes me, travel the world and see this and that. Then BAM something “life changing” happens to you that you didn’t expect, didn’t plan for, didn’t even dream of, and now you are faced with a decision: What do I do? Which direction is best for me or this person or family? Damn I really don’t know what is the right direction. I still believe in what I wrote about a month or two ago about it is totally up to you what you do for your life. But life does force you to make a decision and the longer you get settled it is really hard to break that mold.

So far my plans or things that I am thinking of changing for the future is coming along nicely and don’t have any complaints. I am still figuring a couple of things out and stressful at times, but really soon all will be moving in the direction I want. I still have some very important things I want to do that I planned months and years ago, but I can see that they are now far away  from me when I dream at night. That right there is what we do way too often and we can’t be a leaf in the air swaying whatever direction the wind blows us. I do think we all know what we want to do, no matter how hard or easy, we do know and we cheat only ourselves when we let our dreams, hopes, and thoughts that move us, that wakes us up every morning start to disappear.

The question still stands, which is better, what is going to bring you the most happiness: Getting your life together vs. settling? I don’t know, everyone is different. But I think it is way easier to follow your heart, whether it be settling, getting your life together, being spontaneous, or whatever we do as human beings that gives us the most satisfaction.

Thanks Charlie for putting that thought into my head and I will make my decision accordingly.

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