Goals for the Month: March (A.K.A. Do or Die)

This is my first real post in some time and first one on my new Apple Mac Book Pro. I will discuss the reasons why I switched to apple in another post. What is really on my mind is lingering issues that I have just let be. This month to me is called, Do or Die. The things that I am about to list are things that should have been done the first 2 months of the year. Yes I have gone through a couple of changes in my life since then, but still they could have been done.


1. Finish Goals & Vision for the Year
2. Finish wording and photos for personal website
3. 10 blog post (not including this one) for www.lifeiswhatyoumakeofit.com
4. 10 blog post for www.ihavecarproblems.com
5. Financial task
6. Finish 2 books(they are almost done)
7. Sell old laptop
8. Update resume
9. Write 2 pages of book
10. Start using planner and a mix of blackberry and whatever else

That is it and alot to do when more than a third of the month is already complete. But I have realized that writing or typing down goals gets you going and I am more productive when I know I have given myself something to do. So with that said I will let you know of my progress when the month ends.

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