Goals for the Rest of the Month…

In a couple of weeks I will be partaking in a shorten work-week schedule. I will get an extra day off, in return I will have to work 4 10-hour work days. It will take me sometime to get used to the longer days, but no time at all to get used to doing more writing, sleeping, working on my side business, or whatever with the off day. So, I have given myself another couple of crazy goals to do before this schedule kicks in at the beginning of next month.


  • A) Reach 100 pages in novel.
  • B) Write 2 more essays for my portfolio.
  • C) Finish first short story.
  • D) Get Finances in order.
  • E) Find the money source of my side business.
  • F) Push girlfriend in the direction she wants to go in.
  • G) Develop way to learn words.

In More Detail:

A) Right now I’m at 58 pages. I don’t know where I will get my next stream of inspiration from. I am going to think about this this week and just continue to write. Some shit will come out. I have to remember that writing a novel isn’t perfect until after the 5th re-write. So as long as I get something on paper, I’ll be alright.

B) I have the ideas in my head. I will more than likely get these 2 things done this week. I haven’t written much essays lately, but will get these done without a problem in the world. As yall will see in the next couple of weeks, yall will get a glimpse into my life even more.

C) The short story has been on the shelves for more than a year. I written in it a month or so ago, but now is the time to just get it done.

D) Most of my finances are automated. I have to cancel and add a couple of accounts here and there. I have to also look at my money stream and get those type of things in order. This should take a day or so. I will get this done as quick as possible.

E) For the past month or 2 I have been working on trying to find vendors for my side business. I couldn’t find shit for the longest and was able to find a source that wouldn’t even be worth me getting involved in this side hustle. So, I have come to the conclusion of finding the main source of profit generation. There is no reason for me to go through the middle man and gather pennies, then when I can go though the cash cow and make quarters and dollars.

F) It is time to put my words to action and help my girlfriend with her passion. I have been helping her out for the past couple of weeks, and now is the time for me to go even further, without being pushy.

G) I have a bank of over 200 words. Now it is time for me to learn them and use them in my writing and everyday speech. I will find a method to increase my vocabulary.

That is what I’m working with, I’m ready for this almost impossible feat I am putting myself through. I feel once this is done I can be better prepared to do things with that extra day off. I will also train myself to wake up at 4 a.m. without a problem.

That’s what I have lined up for now — the crazy shit I do to myself. I think I’m ready, this is going to be the hardest thing I have done yet this year. Wish me luck!!!

Note: Remember this date: August 1, 2010 (I’ll explain later)

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