Hell Week for Workout

Ever since I have been off from changing jobs I have been working out like a mad man. I have slightly cut my meals because my metabolism is crazy fast. It is so fast that after eating a big bowl of cereal I am hungry again 30 minutes later. I have picked up a past time of sleeping for a couple of hours during the day to help me not crave food as much.

The Workout Regimen

These past 3 weeks my workouts have consisted of a full body workout 2 times per week, performing 2 2.5 miles hitt runs, and another 2-3 30 minute swimming in the apartment pool. I don’t weigh myself, but will after once the break is done, however I am guessing I am losing between 1-2 lbs. Hell Week though I will up the whole experience which will consist of 2 full body workouts, 5 times per week on the bike for 30 minutes, 3 times per week for swimming, 2 times for hitt runs and while doing 3 core exercises and working on biceps and triceps by doing chinups and dips. My goal is to lose 5 lbs of fat and be well on my way to be at a weight of 185 lbs and be ripped. I will show a couple of pictures of the equipment that I am using and what I look like also once the “go crazy workout session” is done.

The Cardio is What I Need

I believe the cardio is the key to making this body transformation come true. I can continue to only do full body workouts, but I will get bigger and create more muscle which I don’t feel I need. Hell at 195-190 lbs I already bench 300 lbs, squat 290 lbs, dead-lift 400 lbs, military press 170 lbs, do 45 lbs of weighted chinups and dips 5-7 times, and so on and so forth. I don’t want to have a body of a body-builder and feel that the amount of weight that I am exercising with is well then enough to stay and feel healthy. Some people may think that I am doing way too much, but the system is already ingrained in my body and is a routine that I can’t break. At times I feel that I am addicted to working out and will do whatever it takes to get my workout done.

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