I am addicted to Bloglines

What the hell is Bloglines?

Blogline is a free online blog service where you can search, subscribe, and create blogs on the internet through rss feeds. My brother has been telling me about the website for some time and I can really see the benefits of what it can do. Before I used to read about 10 blogs on a regular basis, I would literally everyday log on to the websites and see if there were anything new. With bloglines it simply notifies me when there is a new topic on somebody’s blog or on a website that has rss feed.

Makes the day more productive

With Bloglines I don’t waste all my afternoons going to unnessary blogs that haven’t been updated. I only go to the blogs that have new information and read what I want and go from there. In the coming weeks I will tap into more applications of rss and see how much more productive my life can be because of it. If anyone has any interesting applications and uses for rss please let me know.

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