I didn’t know it got this crazy!!!

This business stuff is just unreal. Meetings left and right, communication conflicts, alot of time driving, getting help from business minded people about certain issues of the business ideal, and so on. And still no where near being finish to launch the business is frustrating, but also exciting.

The ups and downs and what else is to follow later in this business adventure
I am sure it is like this in the beginning and also throughout the actual business life. We have also realized that there are quite a few task and responsibility that we didn’t plan that seems like we are back to the drawing board. But it is okay, it is better to know the circumstance from the beginning and fix the problem now and worry about the distractions that will come up in the future.

Lessons learned about myself

I think I have figured out some of my strengths and my personality is of an outspoken and being proactive. I have realized that in order for people to see your point of view you have to simply tell them from your heart. I have also learned that looking at situations from other people’s points of views is key to understanding them and also helps me say things to them that will benefit both sides. One of my strength that I thought was not me I have come to accept and enjoy is my analytical thinking. I see things very quickly and can come up with various solutions and creative ideals to help solve a problem. Now that I know this I will continue to discover how I can improve on it and discover more of my strengths that I have not realized yet or asked other people about.

More projects to come…

I have more planned in the coming week that will keep me busy for some time on top of the business adventure. They are:

1) A blog about basic automotive repair for the common people(trust me there will be nothing about swapping an engine)

2) A new workout schedule

3) Traveling

4) Preparing for other business adventures

So stay tuned…

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