I Just Bought a New Video Game

It has been a long time since I am have bought and played a video game. I use my dedicated $300 dollar dvd player, XBox360, as a playback movie watcher I even got a cool looking remote to help navigate through. I get made fun of all the time, but feel that most of the video games out there either suck or take up way too much time. I am always looking at my watch wondering if I am suppose to do something else with my time. Don’t get me wrong there are many things that I do in life that are huge time wasters, but playing video games for hours is way to obvious and there isn’t much to gain at all from doing so.

However, now is a time for change or should I say hype. I have been seeing tons of reviews for Grand Theft Auto 4 and hearing all what you can do from friends and family, hell my younger brother picked it up last week and didn’t even let me know. So I took the bait and am giving it a shot, allowing myself to waste time to fill my life with more pointless things. I bought GTA 4 because I felt that it would be okay to let some aggression out on a make believe story you can lose yourself in and not feel guilty with the ramifications of your actions. Also to play against and with friends to form gangs and do what gangs do.

I don’t think I will learn anything from this game, but I do hope to understand what the big hype is and rekindle old and new friendships through common interest. But I really don’t know and that is the beauty of trying things with no real expectations and seeing if what I believed then is what I think now.

So we shall see…

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