I’m Back Online!

Photo Taken by: zappowbang

Hello all I’m back online! I will respond to comments and give an update of what I went through and learned during my the weeks I was offline tomorrow. Here is a quick poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago unedited, enjoy:

As I look at the leafs in the autumn sky I see a tree that was once full, but now almost bare. I try to record the life of a leaf through my small hand-held camcorder and it is hard as hell. I am zooming in to get all that the leaf is doing; spinning, diving down to the grass, being lifted up again by the wind, picks up speed when it is clear away from it’s mother tree and all of the other surrounding trees. As the I’m watching this leaf through the lense I back up, dock down, run after it as if I am taking the same journey. I get frustrated because I can’t really follow the travel of the leaf, I yell at the leaf to come back to me, and the leaf doesn’t listen. I come to realize that the leaf doesn’t have a mind of it’s own, the wind controls it; the ups and downs, spins, increase in speed and decrease in elevation, and once that damn leaf touches the ground it is over. There is no way possible for the leaf to pick itself up. Once the wind gets done with the leaf it continues on it’s way to do the same to all of the other leafs. I start to get pissed at the wind because of all that it has done to the leaf, but then realize that it isn’t the wind’s fault. It is the leaf’s fault for letting the wind determine it’s destiny of going and not making it’s own decisions of the direction of it’s own short and in this case meaningless life…

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