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It has been well over 2 months since I got my Apple iphone 3g and am happy with the decision that I made to get my own phone line and get a phone that I have wanted for some time now. My Black Berry was falling apart and didn’t want to get another one. So on an early morning when I was off from work I went to the Apple store in Houston, waited in a snake like line, and finally after a 2 hour ordeal walked out with my newest apple hardware.

The main reason of purchase… Compatibility

I had 2 Apple products and felt that it would be cool to get a device that I can use with those products, specifically my macbook pro. I use the calendar quite a bit and wanted to have that feature on my phone. I was able to download a program that worked with outlook and ical, but didn’t like the way it looked on my blackberry. Anyways, the iphone provided a built in ipod, internet package, applications, calendar sync, and all the other applications I wanted to add because of actual usefulness or it seemed cool to have when I am bored.

Having the iphone after 2 months…

The iphone is becoming more reliable due to the monthly updates and me finding useful applications that I can use at home and at work. Apple still has a way to go to fix all of the annoying bugs on the phone such as; 3g service dropping when connecting to the internet, slow response operating the phone, and the phone freezing up when doing multiple activities.

The Bad

1. Alarm volume is way too low when at it’s highest audible sound.
2. 3g service is bullshit! As soon as you try to use the 3g service the internet switches to a slower server (E). At&t needs to get there shit together and provide a service that they are claiming they have from their commercials.
3. It takes the applications some time to open up and close. This problem can be user related. On my iphone I have the 8 gig version and have about 3 gigs free of space. I probably need to delete some crappy applications that I am not using or get rid of material that I am not listening to.
4. Typing with one hand sucks, but I am slowly getting used to it.

The Good

1. At one time I can listen to a podcast, connect to the internet to check email, and receive and send text messages. I like the fact that I can do multiple activities at once.
2. Don’t have to check my email at work and it is so easy to get my emails on the fly, even with the shitty 3g internet service.
3. Great applications to get things done. Right now I use a couple of applications that help me throughout the day. They are evernote, things, newsstand, and twitter. I have all of these applications on my desktop or phone so I can sync all of the information with each other to help me stay connected with what I have to do throughout the day.
4. The sms interface is really nice and easy to use. Just not used to typing so slow. With the blackberry I could type 3-4 messages to 1 with the iphone.

The Verdict

If I knew what I know now about the iphone I would still have purchased the cell phone. My old blackberry did it’s job, but now the iphone has given me the ability to help myself be more productive and is nice to have everything on one device.

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