It Really is Just a Job…

This past week was a roller coaster for me, up and down and pretty stressful. I put most of that stress on myself because I was trying to make sure I was doing the work to the best of my ability. I talked to a friend a couple of weeks about my struggles and misfortune and came to the realization that all of it really doesn’t matter.

Yes doing a great job for somebody that is paying you is important, but things will still get done, people will be proud of your performance or resent you behind your back if you don’t live up to their standards. I don’t really know the best way to put what I am saying down of what I felt on thursday and friday, but here is a try.

Fuck work. Fuck trying to please someone else. Fuck trying to work long hours and working through lunch. Fuck being stress that you are going to get fired. Fuck it all. Because your life shouldn’t be about working. Yes that is how the majority of people pay bills, but damn just enjoy that money that you made from that job or just borrow money by using your credit card and enjoy what you like to do, enjoy what you think you like to do and whatever else in between you feel like doing with your time. I would strongly suggest calling in once in awhile during the week to clear your head, but get away from that office as much as you can while still being productive within the time that you are there.

That is all that I suggest that you do really, because when you look back at your life when you feel down and think that the world is against you will only think of the negatives. What you didn’t do right, what you spent most of your time doing that made you a psycho path kind of person, and how the hell you can turn your life around. I say don’t do that enjoy life as much as possible now and in the moment. We think we will make it to the glorious age of 65 and retire and live the good life, damn just writing that sounds horrible. How can I live the good life 40 years from now? How am I suppose to enjoy myself between now and then, lol? Hell we don’t even know if we are going to live that long anyways, so I say enjoy now and don’t stress about a 9-5 that you don’t feel passionate about and also don’t stress about a 9-5 that you love and adore and think that your life is going great because in the grand scheme of things this so called life is about experiencing life on as many different playing fields. But then again that is just my opinion and everyone is different and some people feel that their lives is what it is by work or just being a bum. Again to each their own, but read this whenever you feel that you need a sense of direction.

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