It truly is up to you… Your Life that is

Caring for a parent…Taking care of children…Being at a job you love or hate…Waking up disappointed with your life…Riding a bike for 2 years…Getting stoned out of your mind…Traveling around the world with only a suitcase…and whatever that you chose to do with your life is ultimately up to you.

People may say that I have to do this because of my family, my job, my health, or whatever makes a person happy or sad, but really you don’t have to do shit. A person may have 2 small kids and feel that their life isn’t going anywhere and would like to do something they have thought about doing since they were a young child and uses the excuse but this and but that. But really you can do what you really want to do. I am not saying this is right at all, but I am trying to make a point here. The same person with 2 kids can abandon, give the kids to an orphanage or family, or whatever else and be totally selfish about “their” own life and do whatever they want. Same thing goes with an aging parent, or a shitty job, or whatever the case.

We all have responsibilities in our lives that we let consume us and sadly to say we live up to other’s expectations than our own. There was a quote about 2 months ago that really got me thinking about how I viewed my life and got me reliving my past of all the times that I have lived up to other’s expectations and not mine and I really felt that I let myself down every time I changed my view because of what I thought others wanted out of me. I also relived moments when I did things my way and didn’t care of what others thought of me and man was I on fire loving life and loved every feeling of waking up each morning…telling people what was on my mind…enjoying every breath I inhaled…not caring about the past and future and just living in the now. Oh yeah the quote was by Kansas City Chief’s head coach, Herm Edwards, “In life you set your own expectations, you don’t listen to what other people say”.

Many people have been asked the question, ‘where do you see yourself in X years?’. Many people try their best to answer the best of their ability in order to impress/please the company and there are people who honestly feel that their lives are depended on the answer and who will live up to that and not their own expectations.

There is no reason beating a dead horse or preaching to the choir. All I wanted to do and to say is to give you that opportunity that chance to stop and look at where you are at and where you want to go without others being on your back trying to influence your decision. Remember you were born for a reason and the only person you have to live up to…to impress…to challenge is yourself. If you want to bring someone along, then go ahead, but let that person takes in whatever experience they gather on their own.

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