It’s All A Waste of Time…

We waste so much time doing shit we don’t care about or things we think we need to do. We waste time at work checking email atleast 30 times a day (well I do), watching too much tv, spending time with stupid people, surfing the internet, and whatever else you might be wasting time doing. Over the past couple of months I have been cutting useless activities from my routine and also people that I have grown away from. Now that I have done this I am still wasting time. I am wasting time thinking what to do with my time. It is truely amazing how much time I have after cutting out junk and now I have to spend more time doing things that I like, trying new things, and just living life.

So when you feel that you are swamped with too many things to do on your plate just pause and ask yourself, “I’m I wasting time doing …?”

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