It’s my birthday. Please enjoy it, too!!!

I’m 28. I feel great. In good condition and ready for the next step.

This isn’t going to be about me reflecting and looking back at the past year. As I see it, I’m always reflecting, I’m always talking, and writing about the situation at hand.

Today, of course, I’m going to enjoy it. I know I will reflect on it in some way, but will just let things go.

I have goals, dreams, drives, just like anybody else. In my case, I’m happy that I’m doing most of them right now and will continue to elevate myself.

I think I’m done writing. I think I’m done with this reflecting in a sense.

This is my day. As my friend Ben said yesterday, “We guys don’t care as much as women do. For the most part, Oke is going to take a shit and go on with his day.” Yes, I’m going to go on with my day. I’ll just let the wind take me in whichever direction it wants to go.

Please do, I give you permission to enjoy my day…

4 responses to “It’s my birthday. Please enjoy it, too!!!”

  1. Congrats to Oke as he celebrates his day of birth! Enjoy! My wish is that you have many more. And thanks for giving us all permission to enjoy it as well! LOL!

    Take care and see you at work.

  2. John,
    Thanks for the b-day wishes, John. I had a great day. How did you fair on Friday?

    Thanks for the b-day wishes.

  3. I had a great time on Friday. The day was sooo low key. I hope you had a great time too. Let me know.

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