June experiences…

This month has been good fun and just been enjoying myself with all that I have been doing. There are going to be weekly updates of my progress in life and also book reviews here and there. I hope that this will also help people in their lives as it will help me analysis myself.

Book Review

This past month I have read 5 books:

1. Honeymoon with my Brother

2. A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

3. The Dhandho Investor

4. The Original Curious George

5. Four Hour Work Week

I learned quite a bit from all 4 of the books and plan to finish a couple of more books on my list before my trip to Japan. I will also be writing reviews for all of the books the coming month.

Car Blog

My side gig blog, www.ihavecarproblems.com is going, but at a slow pace. My mission before going on with it and taking it more seriously is selling my race car. So I will keep yall posted on the progress of the site.

Personal Website

This is just taking me way too long to finish. I started and stopped and still have some more work to do in order to complete the site. I am just going to have to sit down and finish the remaining work in one setting.

Salsa Classes

Great great fun. I am so glad I picked up salsa classes again. I give myself another month of classes and a couple of practices and I will be in control for sure. I will be hitting up the night clubs to show everyone my stuff. I recommend people trying salsa dancing or any other form of dancing. It is frustrating in the beginning, but once you get a couple of steps down you will feel confident to learn more.

Work Life

My workload is up and down and feel that it is just wasting time with what I truely want to do with my time. But still I should respect the job that I have because of the monetary and experience value that it provides me. No matter how discourage I get with the amount of work I have to keep myself busy with activities and task that will benefit myself and also the people I work for.

New Life Focus and my Career

After reading 4 Hour Work Week it has really opened my eyes up to what I truely want to do with my life. No more planning forever, just make a sound decision and go with the flow and truely be the Man I want to be without others distracting my decisions.

Japan Trip

I am now officially scared and excited at the same time. I still haven’t recieved my passport and still haven’t planned my trip all the way through. I am not worried about the passport much, will worry about it once it gets really close to crunch time. I have read on the passport website that it is taking a long time and if your flight is 2 weeks prior they will finish your passport quicker so that you will have it in time for your trip. With the trip planning I have only scheduled my hostels in Tokyo and Osaka and everything in between is up to whatever I feel like it. Alot of people think that I am crazy going by myself and probaly even crazier for not planning the whole of my trip, but fuck that, it is my trip so I do what I want to.

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