Just taking it easy…

Why such a wait?

I haven’t written in awhile. I can’t really pinpoint the reason why, but I have been really delaying things that are important to me for the sake of having something “important” that is so hard to finish. I have already made a list of goals for the month and it is crazy how it is getting done, however, being on top of this blog and my passion/business blog is not on that list. It will be next month and expect frequent post and so on.

Getting physical…

Not that type of physical, but really going crazy with body weight and health. Just by looking at myself and my projected body structure and health I should be there before the new year. To get to this point I have cut down on weight lifting and picked up a considerable amount of cardio. No running, but swimming for an hour 2 times per week and bike riding 40 miles every Saturday early in the morning. I have also convinced myself to do a mini triathlon which consist of a 300 meter swim, 10 miles on the bike, and 3 miles running. I am not worried about the last two, but the swimming is what I am scared of. It is slowly getting better and feel confident at my abilities not to drown. I’ll keep everyone posted. Back in January I posted about my knee tendenities that was preventing me to do a large amount of cardio on my legs, so that is when I picked up biking. I went from a walmart brand bike, to a comfort bike, to a $700+ (bike retail for over 1k) 10lbs road bike that I have gotten up to 30 mph a couple of times. I have also gone back to weight lifting 2 times a week and just got back to my strength level I was at before the Japan trip. I don’t know how much weight I lost, people were telling me about 10 lbs.

The clutter is getting away

I have gotten rid of so many things since my trip. Sold my race car, practically gave away my brother’s car ($900), gave away some things I wasn’t using to friends, family, the trash can, and old friends that are wasting my time. Also, got rid of junk that was clogging my head, I still had and at times still do have things that are blocking my flow (still trying to do things that I really don’t care about).

Here is a list of some of the goals I have for the month:

1. Finish Goal/Mission
2. Get Finance in order
3. Finish 3 book on my reading list
4. Write 10 articles toward my automotive journalist path going
5. Find/Contact two people that will help me in my automotive journalist journey
6. Go to toastmaster meeting
7. Sign up for mini-triathlon
8. Get more information about visa to Japan
9. Start side-hussle with uncle and brother
10. Workout for strength, lose 8 lbs, and have a body of steel


So far I have done a few of them and it cool to write things down and automatically things start to happen or get done.


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