Less Clutter Clears the Head…

Ever since I have moved to the apartment more than 2 months ago I have been cleaning and clearing up stuff I don’t use much or not at all. I have gotten rid of clothes, paper just lying around, or things that I have transfered over to the apartment because it was mine. Now that I am almost finish with clearing up as much as I can I can truly say that I feel refreshed mentally and physically. Nothing beats coming home to a room and apartment that has less crap just sitting around or being in the way.

Why am I doing this?

There is one reason why I have started this and it is because of my trip to Japan last July. I traveled around Japan for 2 weeks with just a small luggage and a backpack and had the best time of my life. I realized that I was attached to too many things and I promised myself to get rid of junk/clutter and only get things that will help me enjoy my life to the fullest. Notice I didn’t say get things to be happy, the excitement will only last for so long and you will have to live with the consequences.

Major things that I got rid of…

1. 5-10 articles of clothing – gave them to my dad to do whatever he wants with them.
2. 4-5 pairs of shoes – also gave them to my dad to do whatever.
3. Tons of paper and old credit cards – I also canceled credit cards that I wasn’t using and ones that I was paying an annual fee.
4. Old laptop and goods – POS and got tired of spending money on making it better. Also got rid of extra monitor,
keyboard, and other shit that reminded me of the old computer.
5. Book shelf and cabinet – wasn’t really using and besides was falling apart.

And some other stuff here and there. I don’t think I put everything on the list, but as you can see once you get rid of it you really don’t remember it.

What has it done for my head?

After coming home from a long and boring(it really isn’t that bad, just lately it feels that way) day at work it is so refreshing to come to a place that has the essentials (still working on the cleanliness of the room itself) to live and refresh me for the next day. I can also get more things done because of less clutter and can focus on things that are truly important to me. In the next coming weeks I plan to still cut more things on my list and see how productive I become due to the reduction of “things”.

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