Lessons for the Month…

March was a month of thinking and doing what I felt to be important. However, there were a couple of things that I wished that I have accomplished. I think the main reasons why I didn’t accomplish some of my important task were that they simply weren’t important enough to complete and I didn’t set deadlines.

Goals Completed/Not Completed from the Beginning of the Year

I have completed a handful of goals that I set at the beginning of the year and many more that have not been completed. One reason is cash flow issues which is only a problem because at the end of last year I paid for some business coaching that I used very little of and realized that what I was being taught I have either read it through a blog, book, or online and have learnt a grave bit through my first business venture failure. So now that I have realized that I have canceled the remaining service and I will be able to save more money and pay for things on my to do list.

What about the “book”?

Well the book hasn’t been written on since the first week of March and have resulted in a total of 1 page. I remember I told everyone that I would have a chapter done by the end of March. Ironically I have been thinking of the book every day and have been keeping a mental note in my mind of what I want to write and all I have to do is continue to write. I also need to form a habit of setting times, dates, places of when I plan to write. I am not going to set a crazy goal of finishing a chapter by this month, but I will set a goal of consistently writing atleast 2 times per week.

Japan Japan

The Japan trip is in full swing now. I have been getting very familar with the language (well somewhat, I have been listening to podcast that speak some Japanese) and how to get around. I still have to get my passport and book the flight. In Feburary I decided to go to Japan by myself because my friend wasn’t sure if he could go and didn’t want to do any of the planning. A couple of weeks ago he found out that I was still going to go without him and surprised. He said that he is going to go on the trip now and I will let him plan what he wants to do because it is not my job to plan a grown person trip.

New Project Turned into Second Business Venture

This has been brewing at the beginning of the year and has finally taken some steps into action. I will write about this very business venture coming soon. I have thought of ways to make this very profitable and successful, but I have to walk before I run.

New Look of Blog and Upcoming Website

The blog was redesigned during feburary and early march and the personal website was completed in march. The personal website is going to take up sometime as I put up and edit things, so stay tuned for that.

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