Lessons Learned While “Trying” to Sleep…

Tossing and turning. Heard everything that was going on while I was sleeping. People calling, people texting, thinking of the endless things that I put on my “very important” to do list.

I learned so much while trying to get much needed rest this afternoon. I couldn’t finish a movie because I was tired due to doing a 3 mile hitt run, 30 mins of cardio in the apartment pool and also my roommate was kind of loud talking to his friend. Nontheless I turned off the XBOX 360 and the television, got up and went to my bed to rest. I didn’t rest much, but the whole experience was what I needed to analysis myself and see myself for who I was in my eyes.

I wrote about this very thing a couple of months ago how I have no problem getting my workouts done and leaving other things by the way side. Today is a perfect example of that; I did my cardio and ran a couple of errands, came back to the apartment and relaxed afterwards. Today I planned to organize my day planner, put up all of my clothes, read Invisible Man, clean up rest room, move book shelf around, cut my hair, and get some unwanted paper and junk out of the room. At least I have wrote a blog post, but other than the cardio I haven’t done shit. That is all my fault. I am the blamer of myself and have to fix all of these problems sooner rather than later.

There was this one quote by Randy Pausch, the famous Last Lecture professor, said that really stuck to me. It goes something like this, “The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.

Why this Quote?

This quote talks to every single person in the world. It talks to me because I know there is so many things I want for my life and at times I keep on pushing it on the “to-do” pile. However, as soon as I look at that pile I start to discover certain things that I don’t want, but there are always the same things that are present in that pile that I really and truly want to do. The only person that is stopping that progress is me and that has to change.

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