Life is Good, Because of Change.

I’ve been busy. That is my excuse for not posting in the past two weeks. I actually wrote a blog post a couple of days ago, but just didn’t like the way it flowed. I have a couple that I’m interested in writing and will have those out within the month. By next Monday I will be ready to talk about the thing I’ve been working on the past two weeks.

Other than that I am knocking things off of my to-do list and it wouldn’t have been possible for the realization and change of the blog elimination experiment. It isn’t an experiment anymore, it is a part of my life that is changing me for the better and I will explain all of the things that I’ve done.

Shit. I will just go ahead and talk about them now. Why not. The thing that has helped me quite a bit has been the more time I have to do things. Some of the things that I’ve worked and completed are:

Business Plan.

Layout of Photography Website.

Finish reading 4 books (almost finish with my 5th).

They might not seem like alot of things, but that is huge for me. Finishing a 20 plus page guide into how I plan to run my business had truly opened up my mind and dedication to what I actually want to do in my business. That process took 10 days.

The website has been on my mind for a couple of months now. After receiving my business cards I continued to pass them out and knew that people wanted to see the actual work that I can produce. The website looked like crap and didn’t represent me well at all. So, with the help of my friend Adam I started the outline of the website and actually finished ahead of schedule. The next part is to finish the copy of the website and so far, so good. I should be done with that part by this coming Sunday.

The time to read has been something that I wanted to do more of this year. Instead of reading so many blogs, I now have time to read books that will have more substance and a plan for action for me in business and more importantly life.

People Now Are Built for Change

I believe this generation of people are built for change. Sure we can relax into doing things our way and don’t like to be put into a categorical box, but if there is something we want to do, we just do it and see how much it makes our lives better.

The scary part of this is if I didn’t do anything at all. If I didn’t come to this conclusion of doing more for myself and not worried about what other people were doing. I know I would have been pissed at the world because nothing has gone my way and would have second guessed myself so many times because nothing was happening.

Change is good only if you can see the benefit it will provide for you in your life. That’s my take on all of it.

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