Little sayings that keep you going…

Quotes that are remembered

There are many sayings that people like, hate, live their lives by, and just keep them sane throughout the week. My favorite one is “Life is what you make of it”, well it is also the domain of the website, but I never really gave a reason why. There are some that are recent that really drive and motivate me. Some of them are:

“Believe in yourself”

“Stick to the goal in sight and you will not fail”

“Even though you are in the market you are in, take yourself out and look at it through the eyes of your customers”

“It is easier to do then to think about doing”

What does “life is what you make of it”?

That quote or saying to can mean any thing. It is ultimately up to the individual what he/she wants to do for their life. Whether it be play video games all day, work in a cubicle most of their lives, travel around the world seeing new and exciting people and places, whatever it is it does not matter. Every single day that I wake up I have pictured myself as being successful, being where I want in the world, around the people that make my life fulfilling, and ultimately doing what I want when I want and so on.

So what is your take on the saying, “Life is what you make of it” ?

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  1. My fav is “It is easier to do then to think about doing”. I’m definitely most stressed out when I’m thinking about doing rather than doing. Planning is good to a certain extent, but you learn so much more by doing.

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