Long Awaited Comeback

Hello all, it has been awhile since I last posted a topic. I have been busy with a new webdesign company, Pure Adapt, that did a great job of redesigning my blog and are also working on my personal website that will be up and running later this month. Alot has happened for me since I last wrote in different aspects of my life. Firstly, I have and still continuing to cut things from my lifestyle that just take up too much of my time and focusing on things that truely interest me. Also, I have restructure the way I look at my business ideas and how I plan to attack my next business opportunity. Last week I went traveling to Lake Tahoe, which was a great experience and traveling in general just refreshes your mind and see a different perspective of life. I have also started writing my book and my goal for the month is to have one chapter written. For now I will leave yall with a pic from my trip.

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