Losing bets…5-0 in paintball…22 slices of pizza: The weekend and a realization

This past weekend was great. I relaxed with my girlfriend, hung out with the boys over paintball and strip joint (not a fan of them, but this night was pretty fun), and had a good sunday to transition into the week. I could have done more with writing, but didn’t plan to though. My goals and mission for the year are going well and do see them all being completed. I have been thinking what I would right about next and figured that I shouldn’t force anything, but let it come out. I realized something though that got me to thinking why this is so.

As human beings we are motivated, but differently and with strong determination to do when others push us against the wall.

Why is this the case? Why do we perform better with a little of anger inside our soul? Is it because we are used to completing a task or goals that we don’t get much excitement from it? Or is it that person, the enemy, thinking that we can’t do?

I witnessed this this weekend. I asked a friend to see if he could find information at the local college about any creative writing classes. I texted him to see if he did so and said that he didn’t and that I should just write more and read books on the subject to improve my writing. I was and still ticked off that he said that and determine to prove him wrong. Yes I will write more but nothing speeds up the process more than having constructive criticism from an actual person who has done it before and still writes that way. I am also fuckin tired of reading books to solve the problem, why should I keep on reading and reading and still won’t have that person talking specifically about my work? So I am more than ever to find a creative writing class and be the writer that I want to become.

Again the question still stands, why do we perform or give more of ourselves because of other’s negative talk? Probably because it is a form of disrespect… it seems like that person doesn’t believe in what you can do… or the simple fact that you want to tell that person I told you so. My girlfriend feels very determine to prove a colleague wrong. Kobe Bryant will and has lighten a touch under people’s asses for them talking smack about him being over-rated. The kid who couldn’t read well in middle school and got made fun of was so determine to become a better reader and did so (myself). Whatever other similar scenario it has happened and I told you so followed right afterwards.

I will let it be a mystery and will do my best to let my best shine when I am doing something for me and also to prove somebody wrong evenly. Usually people wake up in the morning feeling great about their life and feel self-motivated to do whatever that have planned for the day, it seems so out of place to have that same feeling to prove someone else wrong. But then again the goal and task that you set for yourself was always a point of completion, however the added negative talk or put downs gives you that more determination to excel.

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