Lost…Without Planning

Wake up, go to work… eat, sleep

Wake up, go to work… eat, sleep

Wake up, go to work… eat, sleep

That is what I felt like this week. I did get somethings done, but I felt like I was running around circles thinking of what else I could do once I left work. I didn’t work on things that have been on my plate for some time, I didn’t get some of the little things, and in general wasn’t all there. I have learned this lesson before a year ago setting goals for each day and then the next week of not setting them and witnessed the same emotional distraction from life. I guess I am realizing that certain things in my life are important and feel a need to do something about it or facing the fact that nothing is going to get done by itself. Really simple thinking and it sure can go along way.

Paper vs. Digital

I bought a planner at the beginning of the year and made it a mission to start using it. I have written a total of 2 sentences worth of information in it. I believe the reasoning behind it is because most of the time I operate in an online and digitally way. My ipod and phone are attached to me most of the time and feel naked without them. I seldom put appointments in my cell phone, but in the past couple of weeks have used my icalender and syncing it with my ipod. It is better for me. I do see how a paper planner is beneficial, but just doesn’t work for me. Many habits take time to learn and become routine, but there are situations that are natural from the very beginning to a person. That is the way I feel about my digital planning and the only thing that I will probably add is an iphone.

So in the future or really soon I will see drastic improvements in my life and will use what I have learned from this planning on the wire so to speak and see where it takes me.

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