Make Life Simple and who knows what might happen

Have you ever…

Sat in front of the computer thinking where to search, waste time at after you have forced yourself to going to websites or places that do that? The shock isn’t that you realize that you can live without them, but the fact that they are truly a time waster and that you don’t love the things you say you really do. I thought that I would be writing articles for my passion/business website and doing some soul searching for the book I am going to be writing. But no I find anything to get out of that passion. Lol, doing something to get away from something I am passionate about. Doesn’t make much sense, but I am slowly getting to the point that it is now or never if I truly want to do the things I want to if I let every single day pass me by with no activity, no movement, not even a thought of what I “love to do. Sadly to say the truth is that even though you don’t like something it is easy to do, no real thinking involved, you are okay with life just passing you by, and just living the life you said that you don’t want a part of.

Removing the clutter

As the New Year’s approaches I am not really thinking of things I need to change or stop doing, but to really become the minimalist that I have tasted while I was traveling in Japan this summer. As I look around my room I still feel the clutter, the too much of this, the clothes that haven’t been used in months, the cabinet draws that haven’t been open, the stuff. So as the clutter is becoming erased from my life my mind will be clear and filled with thoughts, dreams, and actions of the things I truly love doing.


If you get a chance to listen to any inspirational words before the year ends please do yourself a favor and check out ESPN Radio: Thundering Herd podcast/show for 12/06/07 and let me know what you think.

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