My Favorite Time of Year.

Let’s  go ahead and write a blog post.

Just last night the basketball season ended. I’m happy that the Lakers won the title and will look at some of the highlights today and probably tomorrow. However, this is my favorite time of the year. This is when I have more time to do more things for myself. I don’t watch much television anyway. Whatever my fiance has on tivo is what I watch. Now that I don’t have to stay up late nights watching basketball, which it seems I’m doing less and less of as I become more mature, I will devote my attention to my passions and seriously putting down my foot down to making money.

There are plenty of people at work and all around me who hate when the basketball season ends–I love it. People say that they won’t have anything to do and they can’t wait until the preseason starts up again. This post isn’t a dig on everyone else that occupies themselves with television and can’t find anything to do, it is an insight to why I crave this time of year and what I plan to do.

This time of year is the time that I get most of my goals done. Like I said before, I don’t watch much television and now that the basketball season is done I will be on hustle mode. I don’t know what that is, I haven’t struggled in my life before to actually take the plunge into exhibiting this. From what I hear from other people and see all over is that hustling is a mode of survival and is something that we instinctively know how to do. Who knows what is write. I have to figure that out for myself and will need to guide my was and just do what feels natural. As the weeks and months go by I will learn something about myself. I think that thing that I will learn is how bad I want to do what I want to do in life. I will learn that their are things I have to give up in order to reap the reward in the long run. Again, this is the time that I do more, find more, and learn more about me as a human being.

Some of the goals that I have for the rest of the year is to finish editing my novel, develop cash flow from my side gig, and to do more projects that challenge me as an individual. That is it. Oh, and to also set a wedding date.

The summer days are longer and will allow me to generate while everyone is awake. When it gets dark this is when I will be about my craft and be ready to tackle the next day. It did amaze me when I saw people doing so many things and achieving their goals. I wondered how they did it and how come I couldn’t do the same. Last year taught me that I can also do it. I simply went on a diet of friends, time wasters, activities that weren’t important to me, and whatever else that I’ve forgotten about. Most of it didn’t matter and this allowed me to get busy about myself. When I hear people saying that I don’t have time to do a certain thing I just shut my mouth, hold back the anger and nod my head. When they can look at me in my face telling me that they have watched so much television I tend to tune them out. We make time for what we want to do. If I didn’t want to get better at photography than I would do something else that I love. We have to remember as human-beings that we make all of the excuses for ourselves and we are the only ones to blame about if we don’t get anything that we want to do done. Besides, those people we are watching on television have made their money, don’t care about us and I’m sure secretly on the grind continuing to hustle their asses off so that they can enjoy the lifestyle that they want.

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