My first entrepreneurship endeaver…

I really didn’t think about the first time until my best friend and I were talking about our childhood. It was a great one and cherished it. However, the time that we had as really young entrepreneurs was having our own lawn mowing business. It was 8 of us, 2 lawn mowers, and 1 edger. I really didn’t care about the money, it was pure fun doing something we taught could work. We made flyers, went door to door, and recieved phone calls. Our first job was cutting this lady’s yard with grass that was 3 ft tall and tons of ant beds. Just craziness. One of the lawn mowers broke down and we had to come back the next day to finish up the back yard. We didn’t care how long it would take, we wanted to complete the job. We made $67 dollars, I don’t know why I remember the amount, but we earned every single bit of it. I believe we did 2-3 more lawn jobs and that was the end of the endeaver. The business ended for various reasons; some were money hungry, some wanted to use the money for a group purchase, some wanted to do more lawn jobs, and so on. Some people even broke from the group to form their own lawn company. But in the end we were still friends. There are quite a bit of things that I have learned from that experience, they are:

1. Think an idea out and see if there is a market for it.
2. When things start to go to hell, stop and rethink the process and fix what the process is.
3. Enjoy the business oppurtunity, not the money. The money will come later.
4. When you know the market attack it if your life depended on it.

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