My Jab is Quicker than Your Jab

I have been thinking about this very same situation for some time and today was the day that it actually came true. Here is the narrative of my day.

I slept okay, but I was ready for the morning, ready for the next step in my life. I was already feeling sick in the stomach due to drinking 4 cups of detox green tea and damn all of the fantastic tasting food from this weekend in Minnesota came out. I got ready for the morning as I usually do. Grabbed my vitamins, my flip video recorder, and banana and went out the door. I made a quick 20 sec video of what I was preparing myself to do, something I have been thinking about doing for some time now. Again the morning was just like any other morning and the drive was just as mundane as any morning drive. I parked the car, walked in the building, took the stairs up 5 flights, walked to my cube and turned on the computer, talked to some co-workers about my weekend in Minnesota, and sat there. I sat and sat and waited and was ready to get it over with. I checked my outlook page and noticed that my two bosses had an incredible and thorough meeting with the subject line: Oke and with a red label that said it was important. I laughed and said to myself that they were doing this while I was flying back, they were going to welcome me with a “Oke, can you come to my office and…” you know the rest.

I was so anxious and ready to get it off my chest. It was as if I was a kid waiting my turn in line impatiently to double-dutch jump rope. I hear a door open. I look up and there he was. It was my time and I didn’t let it get away. I told him I needed to talk to him as soon as possible. He went to get his coffee. He came to me and said the was ready. I got up, cleared my throat. Went to his office and closed the door. I sat down and said, ” I am quitting…it is about that time…I feel…because…I am not finish saying what I have to say…thanks and shakes hand and leave with a smile on my face. The happiest day that I have had at the job, the old gig.

After I told my old boss that I was quitting he did something mysterious. He opened his eyes as wide as possible, smirked, and smiled in one unison as if he was performing a dead-lift with perfect form and movement. Damn that was a surprising jab that he wasn’t expecting. I didn’t talk to my other boss because she was ready to do what she planned to do in the meeting the day before, but wasn’t able to. She didn’t make none whatsoever type of eye contact to me and that was the final blow of the day. Words cannot totally describe how I felt at that moment and how I feel now that it is over. I can’t wait to start my new job and show them that I am worthy of what they hired me for and this will also give me the opportunity to learn and grow as an engineer and more importantly as a man traveling through his journey in life.

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